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Development of smart contracts and dApps

Get your reliable and secure solution based on blockchain technology

  • Build Smart Contracts using the Solidity language
  • Develop Blockchain solutions for businesses
  • Increase the number of repeat purchases
  • Design and develop DApps for P2P network
  • Build a Launchpad on multi-blockchain architecture

Business benefits


Distributed storage keeps data safe regardless of hardware, servers, individuals or organizations


Your business becomes more innovative, which makes it attractive to customers and allows you to stay ahead of competitors at a technological level


The execution of smart contracts guarantees the fulfillment of all the specified conditions, excluding unnecessary intermediaries and third parties from the chain


The execution of smart contracts is fast and fully automatic without the need for manual control

We offer

Smart contracts

Smart contracts help simplify the execution of a firm's operations by serving as the digital equivalent of a legal contract. Automatically executed smart contracts, without additional control from third parties, underlie all internal transactions of decentralized applications. Our specialists can build Smart Contracts on the Tron, Ethereum platforms using the Solidity language.
Smart contracts

Blockchain solutions

We help startups and enterprise clients to develop and deliver Blockchain solutions for their business. All data which is stored on blockchain is unable to be modified, making the technology transparent, secured and efficient for industries like cybersecurity, fintech, real estate, medicine etc. Our blockchain technology is adapted to business use cases via integration, system modifications and implementations.
Blockchain solutions


DApps (decentralized applications) are applications that use blockchain instead of centralized servers. Their interface is not much different from regular applications from the point of view of the end user. The difference lies in the internal economy, which is based on the use of smart contracts and cryptographic tokens. This ensures maximum transparency of transactions and resistance to various attacks. With deep expertise in Blockchain, our team can design and develop DApps to organize trading, bidding and help clients increase ROI.


Launchpad is a decentralized solution where crypto projects can raise capital for their development. Win-win approach - creators receive finance for further work, and users become early investors, receiving cryptocurrency at a low price. Our approach to building Launchpad on a specific blockchain or multiple blockchains allows us to use technologies in the development process: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana. We can develop a launchpad that will enable and simplify the launch of a token with a decentralized exchange.

Stages of work

Can be applied to

Calculation and payment of bonuses

Operations with securities

Carrying out global calculations

Personal identification

Financial reporting

Processing credit payments

Storage of personal data

Online elections and voting

Goods conformity check

Accounting and transfer of ownership

Storage and transfer of digital assets

Carrying out asset exchange transactions

Registration of digital contractual obligations

Keeping a register of transactions

Storage of medical data

Check out our customer testimonials on Clutch

Check out our customer testimonials on Clutch

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