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Technical team and individual experts for the implementation of your project

We will quickly provide specialists  at the request of your business at no extra cost

  • Proven professionals in the state of our company
  • Only direct contracts without mediation
  • An exact match of skills to the needs of your project
  • Accounting for specific experience requirements
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Let's discuss your task and which specialists we can offer to solve it

Technical team and individual experts for the implementation of your project

We offer


  • Officially registered specialists in the staff of our company

  • Carrying out all necessary verification procedures, consulting specialists upon admission

  • Specialists from Ukraine were relocated to safe regions

  • Employee signing NDA agreements to ensure data security



  • Only direct contracts for the provision of specialists without intermediary margins and overpayments

  • Competitive price corresponding to the level and skills of the specialist

  • We take care of the operating costs of accompanying the employee

  • Specialists work according to our system of motivation, social support and training



  • A proven system for selecting candidates and evaluating their skills

  • Our clients receive specialists who have passed the procedures for checking and testing skills

  • Accounting for specific professional skills acquired in previous projects


Real expertise in areas


    Crypto projects & dApps



          Online education


              Direct sales

                Typical tasks

                Team Strengthening

                Providing the necessary specialists for the successful and timely completion of your tasks

                Startups and MVP

                Turning ideas into specific implementation steps, quickly creating an MVP and releasing a working solution


                Creation of modern web resources, taking into account all the latest technical and design trends


                Creation of trading platforms, online stores and online storefronts


                Development of functionality for commodity and cryptocurrency exchanges


                Creation of e-commerce solutions for goods and services of different suppliers

                Process Automation

                Automation of routine processes to reduce operating costs

                Blockchain and smart contracts

                Creation of reliable and secure solutions on blockchains: bitcoin, ethereum, tron, binance and their derivatives

                Education systems

                Creation of a team training system with step-by-step access and control over the execution of tasks

                Personal offices

                Development of fast and convenient personal accounts with extensive functionality

                Mobile Apps

                Development of a complete mobile application for all types of devices and platforms iOS and Android


                Connecting chatbots to automate communication with customers, support the registration and purchase processes

                Let us discuss how we can boost your team with our professional outstaffing talents
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