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Chatbots development that save you time and money
Get an AI-powered digital worker
  • Takes on part of the teamwork
  • Answers faster than a human
  • Saves up to 80 % of working time
  • Automates routine tasks
  • Sells your products and services 24/7

Let us discuss how chatbot will solve your tasks

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Flawless Group Bot
Chatbot will do it for you
Sells goods and services
Automates the acquisition funnel
Communicates with clients
Provides technical support 24/7
Delivers timely analytics
… also a chatbot can automatically collect and analyze data
Cryptocurrency and NFT
Stock data
Chatbot will give your business
Sales increase
Service improvement
Effective mailing
Cost optimization
Work with employees/structure
Powerful advertising tool
Collection of statistics
Business process analysis
We also use chatbots to improve processes
One of our corporate Slack chatbots with motivational program for employees and awarding points (Kudos) for teamwork.
Points are awarded by employees of the company to others team members for assistance in the work and effective interaction.
Sent in the last few months over 4500 Kudos. This means that we are 4500 times influenced by the motivation of each employee and overall team communication.

Get the flawless automation and sales tool that fully meets the needs of your business

Let us discuss how a chatbot can help you achieve your goals

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